St. Joseph, as you helped your family, protected them from all harm. I come to you begging you to help us with my 8yr. Old granddaughter Sarakate. She was diagnosed with ANXIETY AND PTSD. She also suffers from Separation anxiety. At times she will try to hurt self, by pulling her hair, hitting herself. She is emotionally sensitive. If she sees it or heard about someone is sick, or died, even if she doesn’t know that person, she becomes tearfully. She’s also has Dyslexia, stutters at times, has chronic medical issues, severe allergies, chronic ear and throat infections, stomach pain, Headaches. Please my fellow readers, I need lots of prayers to help my family, Especially Vannessa and her 2 daughters. My son Omar, Kathleen. Stop my husband from Cussing, cursing, using foul language,stop his use of profanity and using GODS NAME IN VAIN. Sweet JESUS CHRIST PLEASE HEAR OUR PRAYERS 🙏 IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY PRAY FOR US.✝️🙏🕯️