Please help pray for the police officers that were recently killed. Help Pray for all LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, KEEP THEM SAFE, as they work to protect us. Let’s also pray for everyone in the Armed Forces, past and present. Keep them safe. For those that have passed due to war, pray that God, cleanses their sons, raising them up to heaven. Giving their families strength, courage, faith, hope, trust in God. For all FIREFIGHTERS, FIRST RESPONDERS, whether battling Fires, Heavy Snows, floods. Let us all Pray for St. JUDES INTERCESSION,. SACRED HEART OF JESUS HEAR OUR PRAYERS, PETITIONS, IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY HEAR OUR PRAYERS, Petitions. Presenting them to your son Jesus Christ. Let’s us all give our sincere Thanks to Jesus Christ for all our Blessings 🙏🛐✝️🙇⭐🕊️🌌