Devoción semanal - 3 de junio

The death that Jesus endured for us upon the cross is perpetuated through the Mass. When we participate in the Holy Eucharist, we take our place at Calvary at the foot of the cross, and we experience the greatest love the world has ever known. What is more, we have the privilege of receiving into our persons through Holy Communion the very Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord. Instituted by the Lord at the Last Supper, the Holy Eucharist is our greatest treasure. It is the Sacrament through which Jesus keeps His solemn promise, “I am with you always, even until the end of the age.”

Oramos juntos: St. Jude, help us cherish the gifts we receive from God so that we will tend to them in a responsible manner, share them in practice and love with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.