Querido San Judas,
Please help me to find employment soon, cause I am about to be laid off in January. I’ve already submitted my job application to many locations, and I’ve only had one reply back so far from this multi-dose packaging pharmacy. Please help me to say the right words during the interviews so they will hire me at this pharmacy. Also, please ask God to give me the grace to love my wife more and more each day and to always be faithful, empathetic, and patient with her. Please cure my wife of her body illnesses (neck, shoulder, and back pain). She works 9-7 daily in front of the computer at the office, and it’s affecting her health. Please help us to have a healthy boy in the future. Help our family to get closer to God. Please help me bring my wife closer to God and help convert her to Catholicism. Please protect my mom, dad, sister, nephew, niece, and dog, and give them peace, harmony, good health, and happiness. Please help me with my present and urgent petitions. Thank you!