Praying for all those who have been affected by Covid 19 in one way or another. all those who have passed on from this pandemic. All those on the front lines of this pandemic . Praying for all those who are suffering from a debilitating disease or illness, such as cancer. With this current pandemic situation I pray for those who are lonely, suffering mental disorder, and all those who are homeless, hungry, those living in unhealthy relationships. This has definitely taken a toll on the lives of so many, and the mental state of people as well. People are afraid to go out even while practicing social distancing and those who have underlying conditions have been told to stay indoors. Lord God PLEASE help our NATION to get back on it’s feet and those that do not know you, may they reach out to you and become closer to you. Praying for this pandemic to cease. Lord God whisper your words of comfort, encouragement and hope to all who need them in these day of fear and the days to come. Draw close to those who are sick and all those who risk illness, protecting and uplifting them. In your name, we pray. AMEN