Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter, her nurse husband and her 4 yr old child from coronavirus and all other health problems. Right now both my daughter and her child has tested positive yesterday and my daughter is very very weak with back pain, stomach pain and throat pain -she had taken 2 vaccines but still got covid. please let them both get well soon without any problem.
Please let them come to our side of the country and live near us lord so that they will be of help to us in our old age and we can also help them . please show me the right agent to find a home for them. Please cure her and her little child’s covid urgently lord . Please cure her severe stubborn face allergy pus filled clusters of hard acne which she has broken and now scarred her face .
Please help her she is going into a depression -please come to our help lord – please cure her gangilion cyst on her wrist and her painful bunions on her feet.I thank you today for all your help and favours to her and family -amen