Thank you for protecting and saving my new born grandson from all illness and health issues when he was born and is now almost recovered except for the jaundice –
please cure the baby of all his health problems lord-
They are living in a damp, mould filled leaky condensation also there in their tiny apartment -the agreement says no children but she has now 2 children there – please give them a solution to this major problem. please let the landlord have some sympathy for their plight -she is scared to complain because she has 2 children and that is not allowed in the agreement.
please send help my dear St Jude, please protect her children from damp and associated illnesses – to all of them. They have no money to move into a better place. They are now 2 yrs into this new country and they are struggling to find their way- both are nurses and with low pay having to adjust to look after the kid also only one can work at a time .
Thank you St Jude for all your help and blessings always given -i pray for all the people in this circle and beyond to get solutions for their problems -amen