Thank you my dear St Jude, for my new born grandson’s health getting better. He is still on antibiotics and the test results have to come .
The nurses in the maternity ward was ill treating my daughter after they insisted that she should go home and she was unwilling to leave her baby in the hospital and go home- her C section wounds are giving her lot of pain and the home conditons are very poor. There is mould and wetness in her tiny apartment and condensation also. They are poor and cannot afford a better place to rent. The very steep staircase to climb up is so difficult with the raw wound and the baby in the hospital needing breast milk. The nurses in the ward refused to talk to her yesterday and was illtreating her which added to her trauma. The other wards had mothers with no problems and the baby’s alright still lying around laughing and relaxed.
My daughter being a nurse in the same hospital is being illtreated which was very bad experience for her and has added to the trauma of having her newborn in the ICU also. They have given a written complaint to the manager of the ward and please lord i feel its a mistake because of all the tensions going on — please do not let them do anything more foolish – let them learn to grin and bear because they have nothing and beggers cannot be choosers and moreover their baby is still in the hospital without her being there – so i do not want any retaliation from the nurses.
Please let there be no more friction with the horrible partiality showing nurses lord. Please stop them from harming my daughter and anything ill towards the baby which is born big and all are talking about the size – please let the baby become normal size lord and let all his health problems go away and let the baby be able to get back to his mother as soon as possible and let the mother and baby be safe lord. let the baby be normal in growth and all other matters and let all tests results come back as normal lord.
Thank you for all your favours to her and family – prayers for all in this circle and beyond amen