Dear blessed St Jude, please protect, guide my idiotic, impulsive, short tempered, short sighted, gullible, weak in character and general knowledge and worldly matters, cannot differentiate between good and bad people, extremely sensitive, egoistic daughter, lost her faith in god and prayers after her parents divorced and her prayers did not work and has broken her heart. she was a topper in uni but lost out to her bad habits and bad friends and is hanging on to a night job –
Please she is in urgent need of a good life partner her soul mate in her life to go ahead without failure in life.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her and find her soul mate to make her settle in life with marriage and creating her own family. Please let her stop fighting with me and her sister her only family and we both are away from her in another far country –
Please let her join us or let her find her soul mate lord and settle down. Let it be your decision my dear St Jude . Please give me a solution to this burning problem which is killing me lord . i cannot go and see her (now its 3 yrs i hve not seen her )she is all alone and has gone far away from me and does not even speak to me because she is hurt because i remarried and left the country instead of being with her because i did not have anymore money for my old age.
please let her forgive me lord – please please i plead you today to come to mine and my daughter’s help or else we will end up in big problems.
Thank you for all the favours to my 2nd daughter my dear St Jude -amen