Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ to resolve this big problem of mine i.e. my younger daughter and all her never ending issues – Please let her find her soul mate, love, marry have family and settle down when her age is getting over to have children. Please let her get back her full health and cured from her surgery 2 weeks back . Please let all go well with her job and let her learn how to balance her health with a night shift job which is taking a toll on her health.
Please send your powerful miracles to correct my daughter from all her wrong habits and evil friends to go away never to come back and free her from them and let her find her man and live happy. Please let her stop at once her smoking and take care of her health . She is all alone in the native country and no one to help her – please let her find good people as friends and let them guide her to prayers and to your path lord . please let her start saving her salary – please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems – please let her start talking to me and her sister and resolve all problems . Thank you St Jude for all your help to her always given – amen