Blessed St Jude please cure and recover completely my younger daughter who has had a surgery few days back .
She does not speak to me so I do not know what is happening to her.
Please Bless her and heal and calm her .
Please let her find her soul mate a good man, and find love happiness and have her own family asap lord .
time to have children is running late ..
Please Protect Her from all accidents when driving her scooter and otherwise also from evil friends go away never to come back .
Let her stop smoking at once and get back her faith in god and inthe power of prayers.
Please stop all her enemies especially the ones in the apartment complex where she lives ..with your mighty power lord .
Please let be able to get back to her job. and give health her priority.
Please give her speedy recovery lord from all her health issues ..
Thank you for all the favours given to her ..ever grateful to you my.