Dear blessed St Jude, please bless and cure my nurse daughter her husband nurse and child from being covid positive to covid negative. They are recovering but please let the stomach pain and chest heaviness my daughter has go away lord.
Please cure her extream face allergy not responding to antibiotics -The dermetology department in her hospital refused the referral from her doctor saying she has to take 3 months antibiotic without which they will not look at her . My daughter abandoned antibiotic when it did not work after 1 month or 2 months – Please help her to get her face back and get back her confidence and do her nurse job without severe stress because of the pus filled clusters of acne on her mask area-which we think its mask allergy but can only be correctly diagoniosed by the dermatology department. Please let her face allergy go away and the root cause of it be found and solution sorted – please bless them and let them be able to sort out all the problems they are facing – please let my nurse daughter be able to block all the politics among her colleagues targeting her and non cooperation from her manager and let all of them turn positive towards and her let her be able to do her job with perfection . let them be able to come and live near my house lord please . thank you for all the favours to her and family from you lord – eternally grateful to you my dear St Jude .