Querido San Judas,

My mother who has Alzheimer’s disease for 11+ years fallen recently and also her aggressive breast cancer returned. She badly need 24 hour home care and it would be best that she can get help while remaining at home and with family. This Friday, she will be evaluated for 24 hour care. Please pray that she will obtain to get 24 hour care from home and that this will continue until she is no longer on this earth. Please pray for all of us since we are so worried about her safety and unfavorable Alzheimer and cancer situation. Please pray that she will be able to quickly receive all the necessary care she needs and live a healthy, happy, spiritual life. My husband and I are also having financial issues since I lost my job and having problems to find a job at my age. I’m also physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted by taking care of my mother. Please pray and help all of us to get through this difficult time. Please answer our prayers and bless us with many miracles.