Dear blessed St Jude me and my husband thank you for safe gaurding him from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Tomorrow my advanced cancer patient is starting his radiotherapy and he is going on his own because he is using hospital transport because we dont have a car and it is too risky to use public transport.
Please take care of him my lord and keep him calm and give him and me mental and physical strength to go through these tough times – please let him not have any side effects at any point-its one month continuous radiotherapy.
Please urgently come to my help to stop the tapping noise inside my ears. My IAM scan of the ears has come out clear -thank you St Jude -thank you for all your prayers at the shrine – bless you!
Now another MRI scan with contrast for neck and brain has to be taken to rule out facial nueroma and please please help me lord to take it without any problem- please let there be no allergic reaction to the contrast dye used in the MRI scan.
for my last MRI scan my husband came with me and gave me all the confidence to go through the scan and with his radiotherapy happening — please let him be able to come with me safely in February next year.
Please bless us both, my family and let all the prayers of all in the circle be answered – thank you for all the favours to us given by you my dear St Jude .