Thank you my dear St Jude for all your blessings to me.
Please give me and my husband mental and physical strength to go ahead in our lives and on how to handle the advanced cancer and the treatments which is breaking my husband apart.
please let him have no side effects of the radiotherapy he is going through.
please bless him and be with him always giving strength and courage and make us do the right things instead of going into depression.
Please send help to us because we have no car and its difficult to buy things from shops during winter- please show us some way- please let our neighbours stay and not sell their home and go away lord.
please let my tinnitus , the ear tapping go away and never come back.(its gone for 10 days now .very slight noice i can hear sometimes)Thank you a million times.
Please relieve of my huge mental, emotional worries about my husband, me and especially my second child who is still single and seperated from me) please stop smoking habit of my second child at once lord and let all bad friends vanish from life and let her find God somehow and find peace.
Please bless our home and everything we have our family and please let me win lottery which i buy so that its a win for all —
let me able to take my 2 MRI scans with contrast without any problem or allergic reaction to the dye- and let my husband be able to come with me and not have any side effects from radiotherapy .
let all my MRI SCANS come out normal lord –give me courage to go through all of this – thank you St Jude. amen