Blessed St Jude, please protect, give relief, heal my nurse daughter’s severe depression, extreme tiredness and negative attitude urgently with your powerful miracles my lord – The situation is bad and she needs help urgently – she is into her 7th month pregnancy and has gestational diabetes and the doctors have termed her pregnancy as high risk and the last scan of the foetus showed a bloated stomach and short legs in measurement of the foetus and that was distressing for us all. please correct the stomach bloating go away and let the leg measurement be all right with your blessings and mighty power please bring all the positive changes in the mother and normal growth in the foetus.
Please somehow calm my nervous and extremely unhappy tired daughter who is on insulin and dont know if her diet is helping her . please safe guard her husband who is travelling soon to native country to bring his mother to take care of the family. please let all go well and let there be no stress, worry and unhappiness .
please bring a solution urgently lord to her complicated life – please let her health be perfect and so does the foetus’s – thank you for all the favours to her and family – always given by ou