Blessed St Jude thank you for everything that you do for my second daughter. Please continue to look over, care for my naive, trusting and innocent daughter who is all alone in a big city and she has no family member with her in the country.
Please let her be able to sort out all her problems at the office for not giving a leave of absence letter when she was sick, then her flat mate fighting with her and please do not let her do anything stupid and make expensive mistakes anymore lord .
Please let her get the right chartered accountant for her tax issues with her salary. Please let her get the right safe place to stay and not the 37th floor which is alarming for me.
Please let her find her soul mate a good man to fall in love, marry and have family -and have a secure future please
Please let her get over the old college boyfriend who dumped her and got married to another – please let her move ahead with your blessings let her have the emotional and physical strength to move ahead boldly and be successful in life somehow.
please let her get back her faith in god and in the power of prayers please and realise only god can give the kind of eternal love which she is craving for.
please let her come to this country where we are living to study or by marriage as soon as possible if ONLY that is you wish for her lord –

Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude , amen