Blessed St Jude, please let my 2nd daughter forget all her miserable past and find new love in her soul mate , fall in love and let go off her ego, find her soul mate marry and have her own family and move ahead in life like all do . she has reached the age to have baby, Dear lord Only you can bring changes to her granite heart and cynical outlook of my daughter who has had nothing but a miserable childhood from a broken home and then a bad boyfriend who ditched her to get married to another breaking her heart – please let her overcome all her past hurts and move ahead and create a successful life for herself and let her have a successful career also please lord.
please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems also – please let her come and join us in this country if that is what you wish for her lord – thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude – amen
Thank you for a