Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and cure my nurse daughter’s Torn Knee which is hurting her and she is forced to go to work -because of her sick leaves taken already is huge – (standing for 16 hrs average) Please my dear St Jude give her the right solution for her Torn Knee -she is ignoring the pain and has no time to take care of herself.
They are poor and live with bear minimum wages – she is depressed –
please cure her other health problems like : diabetes6.7, gangilion cyst, bunions paining her feet, vericose veins, severely scarred face from mask allergy (but not diagnosed yet not got a referal to the dermatology department yet) -please send your powerful miracles to save her somehow lord from all these health problems which she cannot control and on top of it now over eating and becoming obese at this young age -she is miserable lord please please show her the right path and give her the courage mental and physical to follow it – let her be able to control her cravings and give her will power lord.
Please dont let her health issues aggravate lord – let her be able to control it – please help her lord -let her pass the interview for the hospital job near my home so if she gets it she and family can be near us and help us suffering from all kind of problems and we can also give her relief in someway.
Please help urgently come to her help she is all alone -burdened —
thank you my dear St Jude, for all the favours to her and family -amen