Dear blessed St Jude, please cure my hard working, tired, over burdened poor nurse daughter’s Torn Knee which is hurting her and effecting her work among other numerous health issues .
it is very important that she has to get cured my dear St Jude that she recover her torn knee or else it will effect her job, and she is on a temporary visa for this country and not yet permanent and she has to earn n work they have hand to mouth existence – Please let there be no fights between her and her husband lord – her husband also is dependent on her because his english language is limited.
Please help my daughter recover quickly lord –
Please let her pass the interview from the hospital near my home and get the job – we need her so badly near us with my husband suffering from cancer and they also need us -please make them realise it. and act seriously in passing the interview – please help her in passing the interview with all her health problems Please cure her gangilion cyst on her wrist, her Diabetes 6.7 , painful bunions on her feet, vericose veins, severe scars on her face by mask allergy, making her depressed and then over eating and now a Torn Knee –
she needs to loose weight at once lord – please help them lord somehow.
Please send your powerful miracles to help my poor poor nurse daughter who is loosing herself and i am so helpless – please do not let her health go down lord – give her both physical and mental strength to handle all her problems –
Please stop all the negative forces preventing her from getting back her health remove her stubborn mindset – please help my poor girl – thank you for all your favours to her and family – amen