Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to cure my nurse daughter’s Torn Knee which is hurting her ..being a nurse she cannot take any more sick leave ..
She has Gangilion cysts in her wrists, Diabetes, painful bunions on feet, vericose veins , severely scarred face from a mask allergy.leading to depression and over eating and becoming over weight.
Please Lord protect and help her to get mental and physical strength to strength to overcome all obstacles in front of her.
Please let the husband treat her well and stop fighting with her ..and take care
of her please. She us so exhausted and depressed.
Please let all be well with her manager and colleagues and let her work be perfect.
Please Let her Get interview in the hospital for the new job near my home..and get the job please and come near me ..we need them so badly lord near us to help us. with my husband diagnosed with Cancer ..
Please send your powerful miracles to cure her torn knee and to get her job near my home please lord I will be ever grateful to you my dear St Jude for this big blessing .
Thank You For All the favours To Her and Family ..Amen