please my dear St Jude cure my daughter’s knee tear which is paining her and cannot go for work.
she says its ok now but i do not believe her ..
Please let her loose weight asap lord.
Please let her depression go away..and let her severe face allergy which has reduced now but scarred her face very badly has depressed her and she overeat and then now overweight and 6.7 sugar level also knee is torn
please lord break this vicious cycle for her. Her husband can speak very little english and all burden falls on her and in turn depression sets in.
Please let her husband cooperate with her and let them work together for their survival in this new country they have migrated to.
please let her realise the seriousness of her situation and take care of her health. she has to work to survive or else its poverty.
They have nothing.
Please bless them and guide her lord in all her difficulties.
Let her let go of all her ego arrogance and anger.
Please cure her torn knee completely lord and let her be serious about her health.
Thank You for everything given to her and family . amen