please let my younger daughter stop all her addictive habits, bad evil friends who destroy her – stop her from destroying herself and wasting away -please send your powerful miracles to save her and send her soul mate who will love, marry and have a family with her . Break her ego make her see reality, that she has no money no job no man in her life ,she is all alone but for me supporting her with food and shelter .Please let her be successful in making her life and having a future successful career and family life. please let her live , know and be surrounded by good people who will help her in the right path and guide her change her bad habits and bring out the lovely person she is -make her forget all her miserable past from a broken family.
Please guide her lord in her plan to come abroad to study her 2nd masters course as per your wish and let her not make any mistake because I will be putting all my savings in helping her to come to the country where me and her sister is living –
Please let my younger daughter be able to handle her 2 upcoming surgeries on her own – her wisdom tooth removal and a cyst removal – please let her have the common sense to take her covid vaccine lord – and please let her review her shoulder which was broken in an accident and had to have an implant and 3 surgeries – please guide her lord – i am so far away from her and she does not speak to me on anything – please let my daughters forgive me and let their anger and frustration go away somehow lord – I leave them both in your hands – i have failed lord but i have tried- please help me – I love them and miss them –
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her – please give her courage health and strength to live and look after herself. protect her from all accidents especially when she drives her scooter – let her get all the papers in order lord thank you lord -ever grateful to you for everything – amen