Please help and guide my younger daughter in planning her future career path and personal life all if which are upside down now. I am forced to take care of her food and shelter when she is a highly skilled woman.
Her character abd her addictive habits and evil friends combined is her main problem which is distroying her life. She comes from a broken no money with very bad childhood experiences in a hypocrite society and sge is a damaged scarred girl.
Please let her become strong physically and mentally by getting back her faith in prayers and God and getting a good man her soul mate who will love and take care of her.
Please let her stop her feminist leftist view point of life and her big ego and false beliefs which is blocking her success in life and bringing her down in life into a jobless penniless no man in no love in her life except for friends who will allow her to marry only if they are also included in the future husband circle. It is so bizarre and unheard dependency on such evil friends .
unfortunately no family is with her.both parents remarried. and gone to different countries even and me, her mother forced to fund her expenses after her accident, surgeries, loss of jobs and I want to help her get out of the country somehow by giving her a Masters course in a foreign country hoping she can make a new life there career as well as personal.
Please I beg and plead to send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction and to find her path as per your wish lord.. all my savings will go to her tuition fee if she chooses tge country where me and her sister is living OR it is free Masters education in a EU country where she is planning to make application through an agency .Please please let her get admission in the free top University in EU. She is changing her Master subject to a futuristic one which is in high demand..so the agency says it is very tough to get admission in the top University because the course is free. Please let her get admission in that University lord ..let her get all her paper work done correct.
Please let her get top marks especially in writing for her English language test.
Please sarround her with good people only lord.
Please protect her from all accidents , dangers , evil, and Coronavirus and her dental issues. Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her .