Dear blessed St Jude please urgently intercede to cure my nurse daughter’s face allergy which is severely interfering with her work as a senior nurse and her confidence in taking charge of an operation theatre and hence blocking her upward carrer movement for higher posts. Her doctor is not supportive and not sending her to the dermatology department and she is scared to ask for anything because she is newly arrived in the country and she has no permanent residency and health department may throw her out of her job.
She has started eating sweets as a relief and is now overweight and about to burst. they have no money for private doctor – they have very little money after paying their debts . The antibiotics the doctor has given has no effect on the clusters of painful pus filled acne all over the mask area – they tried a herbal treatment and slight relief but fresh acne coming out now .so no change in situation
please let her get back her confidence mentally and physical strength to endure her severe work pressure and tensions and politics in the work place.
please bless her and heal her my dear St Jude . please protect her and family from all curses , evil people , evil forces , evil eye . and bless them with good health and happiness and prosperity . please let her face allergy go away and let her health improve -please also cure her other ailments like painful bunions, vericose veins , gangilion cyst and gestational diabetes – please give her strength to control her very bad eating habits and let her control her habits. please dear St Jude send your powerful miracles to cure her face acnes and never to come back – please let all her obstacles go away in work and in health and personal matters in front of your mighty power lord.
Thank you for all the favours to her and family -ever grateful to you my dear St Jude ..amen