Dear blessed St Jude , I feel as though my Nurse daughter is falling apart and going into depression because of her severe face allergy (we think its mask allergy but dont know for sure) Her doctor shows no interest in sending her to a dermatology department and she is too scared to ask anyone in her department because she is new to this country and risk a job loss. All the antibiotics has failed to cure. she has to work for 12 hrs continously sometimes 16 hours in mask double mask -its is terrible dear St Jude..
Nobody cares lord -her face is scarred now – the allergy is pus filled acne in clusters in the mask area – she has to struggle with the masks now to do her job and is loosing confidence to work – Please let her doctor send her to the dermatology department and let my daughter have the guts to complain or push her problem to the right people who will help her -Now her anxiety has made her eat and she is overweight now- please lord let her get back her lost confidence and cheer and laughter somehow – please let her rash/allergy go away please send her your powerful miracles to cure her face acne and markings and get her the right kind of masks not allergic to her face please lord — she is the main breadwinner of the family -her child and husband depends on her – please wrap your healing arms around her and let her be comforted lord -let her be mentally and physically strong – her husband is less qualified nurse and is her dependent so it is all important that she should somehow sort out this face allergy problem along with her gangilion cyst on her wrist -painful bunions on her feet, vericose veins and gestational diabetes –
please let her be strong to sort out all her problems with your blessings and mighty power let all her worries and money problems go away lord -she has too many problems -she married a poor less educated man and she even has to teach him English- its is so sad to see my once bubbly girl so much in misery today – please lord I leave her in your arms to be taken care of and comforted . we are broken hearted –
I thank you today and everyday for all your favours to her and family – i pray for all in the circle for their problems to be sorted and to all beyond also to be comforted — please pray for my daughter’s face allergy to be cured completely as soon as possible quickly for her to keep her job and sanity dear friends in this prayer circle –thank you – amen