Please let my second daughter get her priorities correct lord- please let her take the right decisions especially where her life partner is concerned – she has no job and no money and still running behind the married but seperated man — (not because of her) . Please let her see the reality of life and plan for her future asap – before its too late already its late for her. i am so worried about her – please let her not go the wrong way with her naive and immature dangerous decisions – please protect her always – she is all alone in the native country with no family with her . please dont let anyone take advantage of her anymore and please let her not ruin her name any further and let her be able to join me in this country for further studies/marriage/work — let me also have the money to fund her lord somehow. i am so tired of all this lord and i am old now – i used to be a single parent working on low salary and somehow looked after her and sister -please dont let her waste away she used to be a brilliant engineer and now no ambition or nothing -thank you dear St Jude for everything -i pray for all in this circle amen