🥀Yes, Yes, Yes that God heals me, removes excess weight, fat and fluid from my entire body! No more internal ibs or other symptoms, no more hair, skin or nail problems, no more hbp, cholesteral or other issues just the beauty of the Lord and youth of eagles with restoration, replacement, renewal in all facets of my life including that I should not live alone, a suitable lifelong companion helper help meet like Boaz to Ruth and my own house, MVA License and hybrid car. Also to hear from my Son, Ndré that he is alive, well and prospering; my Son, Vance has a good job to be debt free for nothing is impossible for God to do and that I am anointed, blessed, loved and highly favored expecting my prayers to be answered expediently seeing anointings, blessings, protection, prosperity, mercy, grace, love, riches, peace, wisdom without sorrow, happiness and joy that will seek, find, pursue, overtake and overcome me along with all these good things each and every day miraculously so, I shall have increase in belief, faith and trust in God in Hesus name I ask it!
Numbers 6:24-26 🕊