Dear St Jude, St Rita of Cascia, and St Anthony of Padua, Bless my late Please help me out of my debts, especially the $1163.32 in back rent and credit card debt, which is $2600. And thank you for all your help in earlier times. Bless and help all who pray to you, wherever they are and our family and friends. Thank you for the kindness and compassion of the people at my college, I have no idea what kind of work is done at the office where I volunteered, but I was very grateful for the help. The office was close and easy to get to. I ‘d like to tell them not to be afraid of me. I’d never hurt anyone there or anywhere. I used to visit there sometimes just to keep in touch and nobody got angry I need this connection. I thought I had friends there. Please let me visit there to ask for references. My situation is desperate. Please pray for all who need help, I’ll try to pray more often more. I know that I don’t always pray as often as I should, but I am grateful for my blessings. I wish to be more secure financially. Thank you for hearing the prayers of everyone and myself, in this prayer circle. There are so many things I wish i could have done earlier in my life, that could have help me be better off financially. I didn’t know what. God bless everyone here. Amen