The Divine Mercy Chaplet. Please pray for the essential workers and their families and the Souls in Purgatory and the people who have no one to pray for them.Praying for the health and safety of my family and loved ones.
Praying that my husband’s job stays safe and secure. Please remove the stress and worries. Grant him the recognition, appreciation and promotion he richly deserves. Bring him great job opportunities. He is undergoing a lot,Please give peace of mind. Hope my son passes his exams with flying colors.Protest humbly on your knees before God. Seek His love, guidance, and wisdom. I lay before you all the hopes and fears I have about the outcome.St. Jude and St. Joseph, I beg for your intercession. May God heal and protect us from all dangers, illnesses, negativity, diseases and devastations. I ask that the Holy Trinity, Our Lady Virgin Mary, Jesus, and all the Saints help put my petitions before God and use their influence, healing powers, and love to help heal us.
Dear St Jude, St Anthony, and St Rita, thank you for all your past help and prayers. I don’t want to sound self serving, but please help me to be better off financially. I promise that I won’t misuse any money that should come my way. Bless and help all who pray to you.Dear St. Jude please help and bless us all Please show us hope Please show us that you are with me Please make us all have peace of mind and Please show us hope during this difficult time and open doors of endless possibiilties and successes.
Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. Take care of us and protect us from all evil and any harm. Praying for peace and solace. Lord, I will try to do better in praying to you . Forgive my sins,Thank you Jesus for all your blessings and answered prayers.Thank you St Jude for prayers answered, continue all the blessings