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O si lo prefieres, envíe sus intenciones privadas al altar de San Judas en el Santuario Nacional
donde serán orados por los claretianos.

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junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Beth

I pray, St. Jude, for the healing of my daughter, daugher-in-laws, and son. I know the world is crazy right now and so many people need prayers, but if you find me worthy please help me to get a good report from my doctors. Always faithful to you, St. Jude. You have answered so many of my prayers and I plead once more for answers. Thank you.


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en philip

Psalm 91


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en PAMELA

Please pray for my dear friend, Mo, who is battling cancer to recover and be able to enjoy her family again.


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Timothy

Please pray for me while I finish out my remaining months of probation. Please pray that I be protected from persecution, abuse, mistreatment and misunderstanding from law enforcement and vigilantism. May God set his angels round about me to protect me from harm and give me peace of mind and soul in Jesus our Lord. St. Jude the Apostle, pray for Timothy.


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en EM

Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayers and granting the miracle of wonderful CT results. Please continue to watch over me on this journey and grant me complete remission, and a long and healthy life. I trust in you and am forever grateful for your grace. Amen.


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Lucia

Please help our friend Tom to get through his last 2 sessions of chemo and then to make a full recovery from his surgery so that he may finally enjoy his retirement with his wife and meet his new granddaughter.


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Nevlle

Prayers to Gary Williams and Tim White, both who are battling cancer. May the power of God, our Lord Jesus Christ heal them both and be with them through these trying times.


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Danielle

I Pray for my mother Pat C, that she may receive treatment for the cancer that has entered her body. May she receive healing and may the pain be removed. I pray for a miracle of healing for her. Amen

patricia w

junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en patricia w

Dear ST Jude, worker of miracles, please bless us all with the miracles that we need
Please show us hope and happiness Thank you for all the blessings that i have received
Please stay with me St Jude . i ask this in Jesus Christ name Amen


junio 3, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en ERIN

God thank you for all your blessing. Help us with money and help us save our home food on the table and help with bills. God please heal my dad and Kevin. God give us favor at work and with money. God help us together ahead so we can help other people. God please help the world and all the people. AMEN