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Publique su oración o acción de gracias a continuación para recibir la oración y el aliento de nuestra comunidad del Santuario Nacional de St. Jude. Cuando publicas abajo your name and your prayer will be publicly viewable on this webpage.

O si lo prefieres, envíe sus intenciones privadas al altar de San Judas en el Santuario Nacional
donde serán orados por los claretianos.

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julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Elizabeth

Gratitude for our blessings and your intercession. Intercession and grace with one financial obstacle.
Thank you for continued prayers and intercession. We’re so grateful.


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Amy

Thank you to St. Jude for favors received.


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Anonymous

St jude .. please pray for us and guide us .


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Lauren

St. Jude, I ask for your intercession for my mother as we navigate the waters of her diagnosis of multiple myeloma. I pray that her pain is kept low and that she is given the gift of length of years. I am so scared to lose her. Give me strength as I care for her and return to my position teaching. I know no request is too big for God, and I believe that He can and DOES make miracles happen. Please walk with us and pray for us when it becomes too difficult for us to do it ourselves. Please pray for her healing on our behalf. I pray it is in God’s plan that she will be healthy and able to see the birth of her grandchildren, whenever that may be. I feel too young to be going through this suffering and having to watch her suffer as well. Please be with us and give us a miracle.


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en V

Please pray for my son. He wants and needs help but can’t get the help he needs now. Please pray that he can cope until he gets help and that he can find help very soon. I am very worried about him.

La mamá de joey

julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Joey’s Mom

St. Jude, thank you for Joey. Please help him today be safe, healthy, confident and full of peace, love and faith.


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en James

ST Jude I look to you to send healing and strength to my Mother Sandra as she under goes surgery tomorrow in her fight to beat pancreatic cancer. Please watch over and protect her


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Ann

St. Jude my pleas to you for help have always been answered. In the most dire/stressful situations, I have found hope and calmness through your intersession on my behalf. My brother’s eye disease continues to progress losing his sight. Hear my pleas to cure him…,to save his sight! I pray for all those needing your help, especially those in this prayer circle. Amen


julio 28, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Susan

Please cure my grandson Kaeden’s cancer and all cancer cells and bless me with NCEL jackpot and bless everyone in the prayer circle and answer their prayers

Annie R

julio 27, 2020 Comentarios desactivados en Annie R

For Gabby P that her work and big meeting goes well for her tomorrow (Tuesday) St. Jude please help her.