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Colleen Sullivan

agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Colleen Sullivan

That my husband’s cancer is cured and never returns and he gets clear scans and great bloodwork results on his appointment


agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Daughter

Please protect my immunocompromised elderly father and elderly mother from COVID. My father cannot take booster shots because of his sickness. Please continue to protect my parents from COVID. Please keep them healthy and safe always. Amen.


agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Daughter

Dear St. Jude, I’m sorry I’ve been writing to you every minute every day it seems. THANK YOU so much for the answered prayers. My father is now off from his TPN and is now able to eat and have improvements in his strength. Please continue to calm my anxious heart. Please continue to help my elderly father as he fights cancer. Please don’t ever let us lose hope that he will be healed. Please have mercy on him. Please have pity on his body. Please allow him to completely recover soon. Give him back the strength that he lost, his ability to be able to do things, and the health that he lost. Thank you so much for the little improvements we see in him every day. Please continue to give us hope and reasons to be happy. Right now, I am happy because something good happened from his treatments according to his doctor. I am happy with this little bits of good news that his treatments went well. I pray that his immunotherapy will be a success too. Please continue to heal him. I am also thankful that according to his heart doctor, his heart looks good. Although there are days when his blood pressure goes up when he starts to do simple things that he used to do before. Please remove the water around his heart and don’t let it get worse. Please continue to heal my father. I really don’t know what to do because I know it’s only you who can heal him completely. Please give his strength back. There will also be another MRI & PET scan. I fervently pray that the results of his scans will be good news. Please don’t allow this cancer to spread in his body. He has been feeling better lately and has been slowly recovering. I just don’t want him to undergo more treatments again. I fervently pray that his body is free from tumors forever. Only God can help my father be healed. With God’s grace he will be healed and he will recover. Please don’t let us lose hope. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the good news about his recent scans. Please continue to remove all tumors in his body. I also pray for my mom that the pain she’s been feeling in here body because of her hips will soon go away and that it will be manageable and nothing serious. Please help my mother in all her fears, worries, and struggles. All of these things are so difficult to handle for us. You are in control of everything. Please give us strength, sustain our needs, don’t let us lose our hope, and to always calm our hearts that God is in control and will never leave us. Please help us, St. Jude. We are so hopeless, helpless, and scared. Please don’t allow us to be separated from God. I pray for everyone in this prayer circle. Please answer all their prayers and reward their faith. Amen


agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Mother

Dear St. Jude and all the faithful intercessors who can read my prayer, please help pray for me. I surrender my life to you, God. I hope my prayer request is in alignment with God’s plan for me. I am very anxious and scared about my upcoming mammogram. My father has cancer and it makes me scared doing my checkups as well as I am getting older and my kids are still very young. Please do not let me have cancer or any serious illness. I am begging you, please have mercy on me and my little children are only ages 1 & 6. They need me, my dear God. Please bless me with good health and a long life. I am fervently requesting for this prayer to be granted not just for me but most especially for my little children. I have little children who needs me to help them navigate through life. I hope it is not too much to ask for this favor that cancer will not touch my body. I’d like to request this for my birthday. I hope this is not too much to ask and I hope you can bless me with a healthy and safe life. Please bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be there for my children and family. My healthy life itself will be your most precious gift. I really want to live longer so I can be with my sweet children. I can’t stop myself from crying as I type this message. I worry about this heavily in my mind and my fears are consuming me. Please take away all the pain and discomfort I am feeling in my body. I’m really sorry because I know I should have a strong faith in God and believe in my heart that God is good. It’s just so hard, St. Jude. Please calm my anxious heart. Take away all my fears and worries. Please, please don’t let me have cancer and please bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be there for my children as they grow. Please hear my prayers. I hope you can answer my prayers. Please grant my birthday wish and keep my mind, body, and spirit healthy. I also pray for everyone’s intentions that are being offered on this prayer circle. Please help us all. Please bless us with your miracles. Thank you. Amen

Ron v

agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Ron V

Dear Saint Jude:
Thank you for EVERYTHING and please continue to help me with EVERYTHING!!!
Bless all in the Prayer Circle and thought out the world.
With the Love of Christ,
Ron v


agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Anon

Please calm my overwhelming anxiety and help me make correct decisions that will help everyone


agosto 7, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en JIM

This is a testimonial. I once worked with a woman who was customer service in the office. I used to give her rides to work as her older card broke down and she was saving up to get a newer one. She finally bought a newer car and all ws fine as she would drive to work herself at that time. One night she ended up having a stroke and was paralyzed on the left side of her body. It was so sad for me to see this as the woman could no longer drive her car as it had a clutch pedal that required the use of her left foot which was not operative. She would get rides to work with her niece who would bring her in the building in a wheel chair and the woman had a walker. I went and did St. Jude prayers for this woman. I sent a donation and prayer to the National Shrine of St. Jude and gave the woman a healing card, that I signed came with the prayer package. The doctors said if this woman does not fully recover in 3 months she will be like that for life. A short time passed and she came in driving her husbands vehicle which was an automatic transmission and did not require the use of your left foot. She refused the wheel chair as her niece went to get out of the vehicle and struggled walking in the buildimg with a walker. She sat at her desk and left the office area as she hung on to the wall to go back into the warehouse. The next say I could not believe what I saw! the woman drove into work in her new car and the stroke was completely gone.

From that time on I did the St. Jude prayers for others and seen miracles. I heard of a young man going blind eyesight come back. A marriage restored a dog with Chronic Kidney Disease be healed one year later at the vet appointment. And the list goes on. These prayers work and are miracle prayers in times of hopeless situations.

Thank You Lord Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered.


agosto 6, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Mindy💕❤️💖

Please pray that I have a great birthday tomorrow August 7th and that I am not lonely ❤️🙏🏼


agosto 6, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Mindy🙏🏼❤️

Please pray that my son can make the change to live a healthy lifestyle and loose weight 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


agosto 6, 2022 Comentarios desactivados en Mindy🙏🏼

Please pray that I am no longer lonely 🙏🏼❤️