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febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Mindy💕🙏🏼

Please pray that all goes great at my job and the bosses like the work I do 🙏🏼💕


febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Anonymous

Prayers that my friend writes to me agian


febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Susan

Please heal and cure my grandson Kaeden’s cancer and all cancer cells never to return and bless me with a financial miracle so I can retire.Praying for all in the prayer circle.


febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Anonymous

Blessed St Jude please cure the after effects of radiotherapy of my husband who has advanced cancer – please let him get good sleep and not get up in the night.
please let my MRI scans all come out clear and normal please .
please let my nurse daughter stop her fights with me and come and help us in our old age
please bless us all lord and thank you for all your favours to me and my family dear St Jude, i pray for all in the circle and beyour


febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Anonymous

Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my second daughter from all harm, bad habits, evil people who dont mean well for her, please let her get rid of all the unwanted people in her life causing trouble for her and dont mean well .
please let her realise it is going to ruin her life if she is getting involved with a married man who has broken relationship with his wife years 12 years back and just continuing for the sake of children he has .
please lord i have only prayed for her to meet her soul mate a good man – never for a married man please- let her come to her senses overcome her weaknesses please get her life back -please send your powerful miracles to give her a second life lord- please let her know how to say no to wrong people and things . please let her come and join us in this country if that is what you wish for her lord.
please let her stop fighting with her sister and me her only family. please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude -amen

I miss my friend so much

febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en I miss my friend so much

Life is too short, St. Jude. Please lead my friend M back to me. Please bless us with better communication, more patience, more respect, more happiness, more laughter, more love for each other. Please keep him healthy and safe always. Please forgive us for loving each other. I pray for all the best and good things for him that God also wants for him. Please tell him how much I miss him. Amen.

Healing Prayers

febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Healing Prayers

Dear St. Jude and all the prayer warriors on this site, please help intercede for me. You’re the only one I can depend on right now. Only God can help me. Please heal my father from his cancer. Remove this cancer so it doesn’t spread in his body soon. He’s currently going into treatment and I fervently pray that the medicine they are putting in his body is working to fight this cancer for remission. I know that there is nothing impossible with God. People are saying that cancer cannot be removed in a person’s body forever but I do not believe in that. I know God is a healer and will have mercy on His children and is a God of hope. Please have mercy on him. Please help heal my father. Please bless him with lots of strength to fight this disease. Please bless him with a longer life so we can spend more time together and make more memories. Please don’t leave us right now. You are our hope, our strength, and the only one who helps us get through this day by day. Please heal my father. Take away the pain and discomfort he is feeling in his body and make all his scans clear. Please make everything okay. Please make the scans good results every time he gets his whole body checked. I fervently pray that the new mass that was found is benign. I fervently pray that the results of all his scans will come out good. Please God. Nobody else can heal him but you. With your mercy and grace he will be blessed and healed. Please do not let cancer stay inside his body. Remove all cancer in his body please. We are so lost, scared everyday and really don’t know what to do. Please help us pray to God that he will answer our prayers. Please heal my father and bless him with good news in all his future scans. I also pray for my mother. Please continue to keep her healthy and strong. Please heal her goiter and bless her with a long life too. Please comfort my parents and take away all their fears and worries. My parents are getting old and I worry about them all the time. Please bless us with your grace of healing. Please don’t let anyone in my family have cancer or any serious illness. Please continue to bless me with good health too that I will never have cancer or any serious illness. Please allow me to live long healthy because my little children needs me as well as my parents. Please help St. Jude. Please don’t leave us. Please give us hope and comfort. Take away all our fears. Please we need your miracles, hope, and strength. I also pray for everyone who are battling illness, especially those who are terminally ill, those people who has cancer, those who are lonely, depressed, and hopeless. Please be close to them and heal them. Please answer all our prayers. Thank you so much. Amen.

Please heal me

febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Please heal me

Please heal my body, St. Jude. I’ve been feeling a little discomfort on the left side of my body and I am very scared. Please take away all this discomfort and don’t let me have any serious illness most especially cancer. Please I am begging you. Please do not let me have cancer. My little children still needs me. Please bless me with a gift of long life and good health. I am feeling all kinds of pain in my body. Please I fervently ask for this request from you to please intercede for me to God. Please hear this prayer and all the thoughts that occupy my mind and heart every day. Please help me. Please heal me soon and bless me with strength to live every day. Amen.


febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Mother

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ANSWERED PRAYERS MY DEAR ST. JUDE and all the saints I pray to everyday, Mother Mary, and all the faithful intercessors on this website who didn’t get tired of reading my prayers every day. I’m crying with too much joy right now after receiving the good news that my scan is normal and clear. I couldn’t express how thankful I am and I do not know how to repay God’s goodness in my life. Please continue to help, guide, and protect me in all my journey as well as all my loved ones. Please continue to bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be there for my children and my family. Please continue to keep my body free from any serious illness most especially cancer. Please take away all the pain and discomfort I am feeling in my body. Bless me with a lot of strength, good health, and more time so I can be with my children and family. Please help all the people on this website and everyone on earth who are lonely, lost, hopeless, sick, and are continuously fighting battles in their lives everyday. Please bless me with more jobs so I can use my talents and skills and be able to save money again. Please help me achieve my goals and dreams. Please heal my body and give me strength always to take care of my children and family. Amen

Thank you so much

febrero 5, 2023 Comentarios desactivados en Thank you so much

THANK YOU SO MUCH my dear St. Jude and all the prayer warriors who helped intercede for me. Results of my father’s latest scan was excellent. Please continue to heal him from this cancer. Please help him beat cancer. Please continue to remove cancer in his body. I am beyond grateful for this answered prayers. I don’t know how I can give God’s love for us back. Please continue to help my father get completely healed. Thank you so much. I also pray for everyone here who are faithfully waiting for God’s help in their prayers. Everyone who are battling cancer. Please heal everyone. I also pray for my mother please continue to heal her goiter as well that she will not need surgery. I pray for myself too that I will not have cancer and any serious illness. My little children still needs me. Please don’t let anyone in my family have cancer. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Amen.