Prayer intercession

Thank you so much for the progress he had today. Please continue to heal my dad. Please heal him completely and help him recover from his brain surgery. Please do not let the biopsy be cancer and that there will be no reoccurrence of this in his brain. Please do not let cancer spread in his body. Im begging for healing and mercy please. Have pity on my father. We all believe in your healing powers and mercy. Please give him strength and help fight this battle for him. Please help him get out of the woods. We continue to believe in God’s mercy and healing that he will be free from cancer. Please continue to bless him with more time to be with us. I pray that he recovers quickly and please take all the pain he’s feeling in his body. Please give him all the strength and appetite that he lost.. Please also help my mom, keep her healthy and that she live long too, take away all the pain and sickness in her body. Please continue to help my family. Please do not let anyone in my family get cancer. Please protect us and i hope my prayers are in God’s holy will for us. Please do not let us lose our hope and peace. Please take away all the fears, stress, anxiety, pain, and sadness. Please continue to bless us with good results in all our scans and checkups. Please help us 🙁 I also pray for miracles and healing to everyone here who is battling life with cancer and other serious illnesses. Please help us Lord Jesus Christ. Amen