St. Jude, may your path of hope be mine in the days ahead. I promise in faith to share your hope with others, to forgive as I am forgiven by my Father in heaven, and to show caring and kindness at every opportunity. Guide me, St. Jude, so that I begin each new day with gratitude, truth, and hope in my heart. Challenge me, St. Jude, to end each day reflecting on my actions and motivations so that I grow in faith, love, and hope.Praying for health, safety, wellbeing and protection of my family. Please grant me a miracle. Please pray that I can save my house for my familyPlease remove all obstacles, difficulties, troubles, illnesses, disease, pain, fear, calamities, disasters AND HARMFUL FROM OUR LIVES. Please forgive our sins and have mercy upon us. Please intercede and full fill my special petitions.PLEASE CALM MY MIND.THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY DEAR ST. JUDE and FAITHFUL INTERCESSORS for the answered prayers. Thank you for all you have done and all you will do,