Dearest St. Jude, please do not forsake me. I beg for your help now. I am ever thankful for all you have done in the past for me. I will honor you and tell of your intercession for as long as I live. Please bring peace of mind. Please help with my husband’s job situation and my brother’s health. My husband has suffered a huge career setback and we need to bounce back. Please let him be successful. Please let him find a better job quickly. He deserves so much better. Please let him find recognition, success and appreciation.Please pray for my family and loved ones that they are strong, healthy, and happy. Dear Blessed St. Jude, Blessed St. Anne, Blessed Mother Mary, and Blessed St. Bernadette please intercede on my husband’s behalf. Hope his talks go well with his boss. Hope he gets the success and appreciation he deserves, and everything goes in his favor. Hope he gets great job offers. Nothing is hidden from you. Lord, O God, thank you for all my blessings. I don’t take anything for granted: Dear Lord Jesus, please help me with Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph. Thank you, Lord, for always listening to my prayers and always reminding me that you are with me through all of life’s tribulations. St. Jude and St. Joseph, I beseech your intercession. I am praying to you for my brother’s health. Please God, lift this despair from our life. Jesus, I beg repeatedly for forgiveness and help. Have mercy, Lord. Forgive, and help me and my family I beg. My heart is so heavy. Worries have overcome me. My dearest Jesus, please come to our rescue. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Lord, have mercy on all of us. Please protect us.Let your kindness flow through me and make me a part of Your Holy Family. Thank you and amen