Pray for my sister in law who is pure love and kindness

Dear Saint Jude and his amazing followers, my sister in law, Diane, was just told she has cancer of the bone. The first thing I asked Our Lady of Guadalupe when I found out was to take me instead, because the I don’t come close to having the love and the kindness this woman has. She is amazing and has taught me what unconditional love is all about. Please St Jude, Help Diane get well and beat this cancer. Surround her in your healing light and give her your healing strength of love. Anyone out there who has a moment to pray, Diane has devoted her life to helping the mentally handicapped. She is a bit of life’s gold. Please. Hold her in God’s white light of healing and tell St. Jude we need her down her for a while yet. Miracles happen because of belief and prayer. I beg for the help of St. Jude and the prayers of all of you. Thanks in advance for your love and your help. God Bless.