Please pray for my only child, Joshua. He is suffering from mental health issues and became involved in an altercation with the police because of undiagnosed and undisclosed PTSD. They wanted to take him a mental facility which triggered his PTSD of being raped in a facility as a teen. He was turned over to a mental health court and charges will be dropped if he follows the protocol. One is not using his medical marijuana which helps him cope with his nightmares and PTSD flashbacks. He is distraught and feels he can’t complete the program because of this. If he doesn’t he will be sentenced to jail which he promises he will kill himself first. Please pray for his healing St Jude. You have answered so many prayers in the past. Please intercede with this one. Let my son’s mental illnesses be controlled, his anger toward the policeman subside and return to his generous, funny, kind, helpful self. Thank you for all yours prayers.