Dear St.Jude

Please help me to open my heart 💞
To be open to a warm & loving relationship.
Please help me to let my guard down to let someone in. I’m ready. I ask that he be warm, caring and honest. And I ask that I make just as much, if not more of a positive difference to his world. We’re just circling round, waiting for the right time to meet. I ask that this happen soon – if the time is right – as I realise now that life is easier and happier if you have someone to share the load. And to laugh and cry with.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart St.Jude.

Thank you for my amazing family & friends. And for new friends I’m yet to meet. I’m ready.

Please help the world to heal. This year has been too much. I hope we learn from it and move on. And learn to be kind. It costs nothing and means everything.

Thanks are not enough 💞