My First Love

Dear St. Jude, i am praying for this special friendship I have with my first love. I cannot stop loving him and even if we are miles apart and are living our separate lives now loving someone else. I’m really sorry because I cannot stop loving him and it feels like I am committing a sin because of my feelings for him. Even before I got in my relationship now, he has always been in my heart. I know it is wrong that’s why I have accepted that we will never be together. But why do I still have this feelings for him. Why is it not going away like I’m an obsessed and crazy person. I am happy for him and his relationship now and I do not want to ruin it. I pray that our friendship will remain strong, pure, full of love and happiness, and most of all respect. Please take care of him and keep him safe and healthy always. Please help him in all his problems and help him make wise decisions. If we are meant to be together someday, I leave everything to God if this will happen. I do not want to ask for him to be mine again. I leave everything to God if it is His will. Right now, I just want our friendship to be pure and loving and strong as possible. I pray that our trust and respect towards each other will deepen and we will have a beautiful friendship. I hope we can keep a healthy and loving friendship that will last no matter the distance and time. I really love and care for him. Amen