Dear St. Jude and all the faithful intercessors who can read my prayer, please help pray for me. I surrender my life to you, God. I hope my prayer request is in alignment with God’s plan for me. I am very anxious and scared about my upcoming mammogram. My father has cancer and it makes me scared doing my checkups as well as I am getting older and my kids are still very young. Please do not let me have cancer or any serious illness. I am begging you, please have mercy on me and my little children are only ages 1 & 6. They need me, my dear God. Please bless me with good health and a long life. I am fervently requesting for this prayer to be granted not just for me but most especially for my little children. I have little children who needs me to help them navigate through life. I hope it is not too much to ask for this favor that cancer will not touch my body. I’d like to request this for my birthday. I hope this is not too much to ask and I hope you can bless me with a healthy and safe life. Please bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be there for my children and family. My healthy life itself will be your most precious gift. I really want to live longer so I can be with my sweet children. I can’t stop myself from crying as I type this message. I worry about this heavily in my mind and my fears are consuming me. Please take away all the pain and discomfort I am feeling in my body. I’m really sorry because I know I should have a strong faith in God and believe in my heart that God is good. It’s just so hard, St. Jude. Please calm my anxious heart. Take away all my fears and worries. Please, please don’t let me have cancer and please bless me with a long and healthy life so I can be there for my children as they grow. Please hear my prayers. I hope you can answer my prayers. Please grant my birthday wish and keep my mind, body, and spirit healthy. I also pray for everyone’s intentions that are being offered on this prayer circle. Please help us all. Please bless us with your miracles. Thank you. Amen