Dear St. Jude and all my intercessors, thank you so much for making my lab tests good in a way that I am not sick and would just need to watch my diet. THANK YOU FOR THE ANSWERED PRAYERS because my well woman checkup results came out today and it was normal. Thank you so much. I’m so so teary-eyed. Please continue to keep me healthy and live longer for my children and my family. Please calm my heart. I will have a mammogram in August and this is another worry of mine. Please make the results come out healthy and will be good news that I do not have cancer or any serious illness. I have prayed to have children and I would like to be there for my children as they grow so I can care for them and guide them and mold them into children of God. Please have mercy. Please allow me to live longer with good health and safety for me to be able to be with my children. I hope what I am praying for is also God’s will. Please keep me healthy and safe always. I also pray for my children that they will always be safe, healthy, and happy, that they will be surrounded with good people and will never be separated from God. THANK YOU because the mammogram results of my mother was normal. I will also have my mammogram this August and I am so scared and worried. Please protect me that I will not have cancer or any serious illness. I also pray for the scar tissue in my belly that I got when I gave birth, the doctor said it will not heal over time and will get worse. I fervently pray that it will be healed and will not be a problem for me in the future. Please bless my mom, dad, brothers and their children, my children, my husband, and me to be healthy and safe always. None of them will have cancer or any serious illness. Please hear my prayers. Please never allow my children to be separated from God. Please surround them always with good people in their lives. I fervently pray for their protection from any harm and danger and evil. There’s so many evil around us like shootings everywhere. Please protect us. Please protect my children always. I also pray for everyone in this prayer circle. Please answer their prayers and help them. Amen