The past few weeks and months have been rough for me and I have been on a downward spiral since then, I pray for everything to be better soon for my career and finances. Prayers for wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment in discerning for the decision I will make for my future. I pray for the direction which You will lead me to. You know my heart’s desires and whatever is the best for my career and my future. Prayers for miracles from Heaven. Please guide me to find the answers in my confusion and the right direction for my career.

Prayer for guidance to remove the pains, the tears, and anger I have been carrying in my heart for long. Guide me to control my temper and emotions towards things. There are times I lose hope, feel confused, and don’t know what to do. I pray for joy and happiness in my heart. I pray for hope and strength in my faith. If there have been hex or spells cast on me and my family, please consider them as null and void, and cast them on the cross. These past days, I have been sleepless and overthinking on so many matters, prayers for inner peace and peace of mind as well.

In this month of devotion to the Blessed Mother, I offer the special intentions of my mother, please remove whatever pain, distress, despair she is going through. Please remove the emotional or mental burden or cross she has right now and guide her to overcome her past traumas. Guide her to move on from her former “best friend” and sister etc. My mother can make problems out of anything. I pray that things to become better for her. I know that she wants what is best for us, her children. May you be able to grant her wishes. Please remove the pains she is feeling now.

I pray for the right projects meant for me, the right career opportunity for me. Please also help me to complete and finish my manuscript very soon that I can submit by mid-June of this year without distractions and writers block.

I also include in my prayers the special intentions of the members of the community.

Please help and guide me to overcome these situations. Guide me to understand God’s plans for me.