Prayers for guidance to finish and complete by manuscript by mid-June so that I may have my book launching this coming November. Prayers for moral support of my family and friends. I pray for my financial and career breakthroughs. Prayer for more projects and opportunities. I pray for career direction, the right company or job meant for me. Please guide me to overcome the confusion I am in right now. I don’t know what to do right now. Please guide me in my next decision, for my future, my career and my finances. Prayer for financial graces to pay for all my personal obligations. I also pray for my parents’ emotional and mental healing. Prayer for my father to have the confidence, courage, trust, guts and bravery. I pray for my mother to be more open and listening, to stop judging other people. I pray for my mother that she may control her outburst and her anger. Please remove from my parents the mental and emotional burden and cross they are carrying now. Prayers for inner peace and peace of mind in our family. Please guide me in my next steps. I pray that the following days and weeks to be better. I pray for the calls and emails I’ve long been waiting for from other countries. Please strengthen my faith always. Please send me miracles from Heaven. Please cleanse my heart of anger, of pain that I am feeling now. Prayers for joy and happiness. Please remove from my mind all these anxieties and worries. Guide me to overcome these despair and depression I am feeling now.