St. Jude, my beloved dog has diabetes. We’re one month post diagnosis & he’s already showing a lot of resistance to the shots. I’m tryingb to do this alone+ there!s no one to help. I’m afraid he’ll only get more aggressive as he senses my fear and frustration. . I had been given him Trazodone, even that wasn’t enough to stop the struggle between him, me & the hypodermic filled with his life saving insulin. He’s a mid sized dog, but very strong, and very smart. Just a month in, he’s already correlated eating every 12 hours with the painful trauma of tenting the skin between his haunches and injecting 9 units of insulin.into him. . The twice daily struggle traumatizes us both. I hate it, it’s heartbreaking..

Dear St. Judge please grant me the strength, courage and remove my fears and anxiety over hurting my dog physically & mentally snd PLEASE make my dog more receptive to this tiny, brief but life saving jab.

I adore this dog, but the stress is affecting my well being. If Bixby could talk, he’d probably tell me the same thing snd knowing he’s also stressed, scared, or hurting, in anyway on my watch, also shatters my soul.

Please help us both!…,sooon!!!