All glory to God !!! Praise the Lord !!!
Our neighbors cat was missing for 6 days . We found fur by a coyote field that matched the cats coloring , then a Ring video showed our neighbors cat on top of their trailer and they drove off With cat in the tarp hole in the trailer not knowing . Cat jumped out of trailer and they had no idea where for they traveled out of state . They did EVERYTHING trying to find it and postings and non stop . Tonight her husband found their cat alive and well at the entrance to our housing community !!!!! She is home with her owners !!! We all prayed so much to God, praying for a miracle that she wasn’t dead and would be found. God answered our prayer !!! Thank you Lord so much !!! Keep the faith, never stop believing , keep praying !!! God listens !!! Thank you so much and I love you so much God and Jesus !!!!