O St.Jude through your intercession i found a place to live when I had no hope for this to happen. Your prayers protected me from foreign conflict. Your prayers healed my dad from strokes and pneumonia as much as possible. Your prayers kept Nurry alive for much longer than seemed medically possible. Your prayers saved me from my tooth infection spreading wich was a miracle as it was so dangerous. Your prayers brought on good biopsy results for my mom and have kept her health conditions stable in check ups.Your prayers have interceeded each time my husband and I or our family members are in need for healing or money. I beg of you during this novena that the findings on my mother’s mammogram are not cancer. I am on my knees begging for this most important intercession of all. I pray for your help in this matter Saint Judas Thaddeus. I have honored you as my patron and will do so. Please interceed for a miracle and let through God’s grace my mom be healthy and live a long life. Amen. Glory to God