Juana Saenz

Praying to St.Jude for my niece who very sick and going to die from cancer.Please St.Jude help her not to suffer so much and help her children to be strong thru this.I know it’s hard for them but watch over them St.Jude give them the strengh they need when they see her suffering. Also St.Jude praying to you to help me with my illnesses.Help me with my heart disease and insomnia .Praying to St.Jude to heal. me so I can be strong like I used to be for my family.Please keep everyone who is suffering from cancer or other illnesses to stay strong and have faith in you St.Jude.We are so grateful the virus is going away slowly. Thank you St.Jude for all you do for us we love and worship you everyday. Amen.n