Joseph Cindy

Need Urgent Extreme Prayers for my Wife Cindy Wilhold. All Catholics please pray to the BVM, All Angels, Saints, (Especially St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Pio, JPII, St. Andrew Avellino), All Communion of Saints, and All of mine and her Family Members in Heaven or Purgatory, asking them to pray to God, 24/7, for Cindy’s Pneumonia & Covid-19 test to come back negative, and for her Instant, Miraculous Healing, In “Jesus” holy name, “Amen”!!! If any have the time, Novenas would be wonderful. We are at the Emergency Room once again. Cindy has Fluid in the Lungs and Heart, Congestion in Both, Infection, either Bacterial and/or Viral, elevated WBC, Low Protein, NASH, Anemia, Malnutrition, and is in Great Pain! Thank you, to each and every one of you, in advance, and God bless you and yours! +