Grateful To St Jude, For Hearing My Prayers For My, Family, Friends, Father Mark Brummel And The Claretians, Myself And The Whole World.
St Jude, You Have Given Myself Hope Strength To Get Through The Lows And Dark Times In My Life, Which You Are Slowly Leading Me Through, With The Help Of Jesus, Christ, Holy Spirit And Father God.
St Jude, You Guided And Directed Myself To Understand That Everything Is Possible With Faith In God, Along With The Understanding With God’s Will Everything Is Possible All We Have To Do Is Wait And Believe In God’s Timing.
Waiting For God’s Timing Is Not Easy, It’s Quite Nervy And Created Anxiety At Times In My Life, Which Lead To Me Giving Up. Where If I Had Believed In God And Myself A Bit More My Prayer Would Of Been Answered.
Instead Of Been Plunged Further Into Darkness.
I Some How Believed in My Life I Felt Going To Jesus Christ Saying My Prayers Was Enough That He Would Understand What I Wanted. Also That What I Was Doing Was What God Wanted. Unfortunately I Was Wrong, It Was Actually All Myself And Darkness, Which I Have Learnt The Hard Way. All Because I Allowed Darkness To Persuade Myself Into Thinking And Believing God Is Not Going To Show Up For Me

With Your Help, Support And Hope
St Jude, I Am AbleTo Understand, Believe And Go Forward In God’s Love Word.

Though My Road Is Not Easy It’s Made Easy Through Yourself St Jude. Thank You So Much For Helping Me Rebuild My Life One Step At A Time. I Feel So Honoured, Blessed And Grateful For You Being In My Life St Jude.
God Blessxxx